Building Market Presence To Drive Sales

Survive, Prosper and Flourish

3XO Associates, the marketing arm of the 3XO Group, helps companies identify and develop new markets and rejuvenate existing ones by creating solutions, messages, collateral and programs that will generate sales. We provide our clients with the marketing power they need to create and maintain a strong competitive advantage.

Marketing to drive sales has never been more important, but staff and budget cuts associated with the high tech downturn have slashed critical marketing resources
. Because we leverage your products, partners, staff and methodologies, 3XO can achieve the bigger and more sustainable results at a substantially lower cost in less time than a dedicated internal team.

If you need professional, customer-focused, results-oriented marketing, please contact us.


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Companies survive by exploiting current markets

Companies prosper by outperforming the competition

Companies flourish by expanding into new markets

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